Course Description

This is a video and text course that explains exactly what I did to help stop my excruciating and widespread nerve pain. I describe in detail the numerous lifestyle changes I made. Ten years ago, I could barely walk. Today, I'm living a normal life.

In no way is this course designed as medical advice. Instead, I share my personal experience with natural medicine. I give you extensive information about what holistic healing methods are available, so you can work with your own doctor,

People who'd like to use natural medicine, but who don't have an holistic practitioner, or who can't afford one, can benefit from the lessons. They could take this knowledge and use it while working with their doctor, within their insurance network.

I wish everyone a life of better health going forward.

Natural Pain Management Strategies

Patricia Hittner O'Connell

Ten years ago, I could barely walk. I was hit with chronic nerve pain. It came on quickly and progressed rapidly.Fortunately, I already knew a lot about natural healing. I'd been studying homeopathy on my own, for a long time. However, I wasn't putting my knowledge into practice.My diet was horrible. My stress level was off the charts. So, in retrospect, it's not at all surprising that I got sick.I needed to break this cycle. And I did that, thanks to a wide range of natural remedies.This course describes the natural remedies that helped me, and how I used them to relive my chronic pain naturally, without drugs. It also explains why natural remedies often stop working, and what to do when this happens.I can't promise that what I did will work for anyone else. But this course should give you a lot of ideas, so you can hopefully find just the right combination of natural remedies and healing methods that work for you.In addition to relieving my chronic pain, I also learned to sleep again without the help of drugs. Thank goodness, because these medications are addicting and they don't lead to deep, restful sleep.If you suffer from a chronic health condition, please do not use any home remedies unless you get clearance from your doctor. Actually, the information is designed so you can share it with your doctor.I encourage you to find well-skilled practitioners and work closely with them. I'm not responsible for treatment decisions or outcomes.This course is not intended as medical advice. I cannot give medical advice or make a diagnosis. All I can do is share my personal story of natural pain management and learning to sleep well again.These statements have not been approved by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not embark upon a new health regimen or use essential oils, herbal remedies or homeopathic remedies unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.I hope this course helps you. It contains information that I learned over the years, through much trial and error. It describes the mistakes I made, so, hopefully, you can avoid them.I've included dozens and dozens of natural pain relief tips. If just a few of them work for you, this course has the potential to be absolutely life changing.Here's to better health, for the rest of your life.Copyright 2017 Patricia Hittner O'Connell All Rights Reserved

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • I Don't Take Pain Control Medication

    • How I Manage My Pain Without Drugs

  • 2

    Get That Inflammation Under Control

    • Excess Inflammation Is Our Enemy

    • What's an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

  • 3

    Using The Right Type of Salt

    • Why This Salt is So Special

  • 4

    Do You Really Need To Be More Alkaline?

    • Are We Getting The Wrong Advice?

  • 5

    Herbal Remedies To Fight Inflammation

    • My Natural Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Remedies

    • The Herbal Remedies That Have Helped Me

  • 6

    How Homeopathy Can Help You

    • Healing With Homeopathy

    • How I Used Homeopathic Remedies

  • 7

    How To Use Essential Oils For Pain Relief

    • My Essential Oil Pain Formulas

    • The Essential Oil Blends I Use for Natural Pain Relief

  • 8

    The Magic Oil You Need to Know About

    • Well, What is It?

  • 9

    A Supplement Designed To Raise Your Body's Oxygen Level Naturally

    • What Is This "Miracle" Supplement?

    • My Personal Experience With This Supplement

  • 10

    Tapping Your Way Out of Stress

    • How To Do Tapping

  • 11

    A Type Of Healing You May Not Know About

    • Why Haven't I Heard Of It?

  • 12

    Your Emotions and Inflammation

    • How To Avoid Toxic People

  • 13

    The Power of Forgiveness

    • How To Forgive, If You Think You Can't

  • 14

    Finding The Right Holistic Healer

    • The Best Practitioners To Start With?

    • What Type of Holistic Healer Should You See?

    • 'Why Holistic Healthcare Is So Important

    • How To Save Money On Natural Healthcare

  • 15

    Diagnostic Testing You May Want To Consider

    • So What Is This Unique Type Of Diagnostic Testing?

    • Study That Validates This Form Of Diagnostic Testing

  • 16

    Using All Natural Beauty Products

    • Toxic Beauty Compounds You Want To Avoid

    • Ditching Your Chemical Cosmetics For Safer Alternatives

  • 17

    Real Vitamins Versus Laboratory Made Vitamins

    • The Best Kind of Vitamins

  • 18

    The Importance of Vitamin D

    • The Best Kind of Vitamin D

  • 19

    What's The Best Type Of Magnesium To Use?

    • Symptoms Of Low Magnesium And How To Boost Your Own Magnesium Level

    • Foods That Are Rich In Magnesium

  • 20

    How Earthing Can Help Chronic Inflammation

    • What? This Sounds Crazy

  • 21

    Mercury In Your Mouth - A Hidden Cause Of Inflammation?

    • Don't Get Your Fillings Out Until You Read This

  • 22

    Another Toxin To Avoid

    • Here's One Toxin You Want To Avoid

    • Here's How To Avoid This Toxin

  • 23

    My Bumpy Road To Recovery

    • Why We Can Expect Bumps In The Road

    • Want A Drug-Free Lifestyle? - The One Book I Recommend For Everyone

    • Why My Natural Remedies Stop Working

  • 24

    Rolling With the Punches and Being Positive

    • Staying Positive With Fibro

  • 25

    Online Pitfalls - Watch Out

    • Spending Time Online - Beware

  • 26


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